Samuel Dexter House, Charlestown, Massachusetts (Historic Preservation Project) with The Preservation Collaborative

  • Abraham Lincoln Post 11 (Grand Army of the Republic) contacted The Preservation Collaborative regarding development of historical documentation that would support proposed renovation/restoration.
  • Working with The Preservation Collaborative, TakeCommand® developed a three-dimensional rendering of the existing structure, and modified that model using historical photographs and externally provided plans to develop an accurate model of the structure in its original state (at left).   The project is still in development.
  • Historical photograph (bottom left), rendering of structure in present condition (bottom right).

Hancock-Clarke House, Lexington, Massachusetts (Historic Documentation Project)

Using plans from the Library of Congress' Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS),TakeCommand® created this three-dimensional Google Sketchup model.

  • This structure, built in 1737, was financed by Thomas Hancock, son of Reverend John Hancock, grandfather of the Founding Father of the same name. It is the only surviving structure associated with John Hancock.​
  • The photograph at above right, as well as plans and several other photos, is available at the HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) website.

Thomas Clark House, Belmont, Massachusetts (Historic Preservation Project) with The Preservation Collaborative

  • Circa 1760, this historic structure was acquired by a developer and targeted for demolition.  Local preservation groups had rallied to save the house.  It was moved from its former location to a "holding site" to await a permanent site.  Unfortunately, the structure had to be taken down after 2 years of searching for a site.  TakeCommand® and The preservation Collaborative worked to support this effort with renderings in hopes of assisting the effort to save this landmark.


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Historic Preservation

It is a core passion - Colonial Architecture - that grew out of drives around New England with my grandfather, and our own family's time around West Point, New York.  However, all too often, we sadly find these architectural treasures in states of disrepair or outright neglect.  Recent preservation projects have begun bringing some of these back to their original glory, and we would like to help.

Independent developers and planning commissions often require:

  • Background Research - in order to better understand the structure's significance and original design and color schemes
  • Three-Dimensional Images - that assist in conveying a new preservation project's direction and vision to government planning committees and potential investors
  • Historic Preservation Documentation - that can support preservation tax incentive filings

No two projects are the same, and we would like to help.  Contact us for an estimate that could be the difference in getting community buy-in/approval and/or obtaining tax incentives.  We hope you enjoy these examples of our work.


To recapture, preserve, recreate, and enhance our architectural heritage.

1313 Vermont Street, Lawrence, Kansas (Historic Documentation Project)

  • Built in 1901, this was a documentation effort associated with a class project while a student at the University of Kansas.
  • The rendering at far left represents the structure as it stands today. Historical evidence suggested the original structure more accurately reflected the rendering at near left.
  • The project was completed and documentation is on file at the Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas.
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TakeCommand, LLC

List of past projects in Historic Preservation:

 Willowbrook Farm, Newfield, ME (In conjunction with The Preservation Collaborative)
 Abraham Lincoln Post 11 - Samuel Dexter House - Charlestown, MA (In conjunction with The Preservation Collaborative)
 The Thomas Clark House - Belmont, MA (In conjunction with The Preservation Collaborative)
 Port Tobacco, MD reconstruction - Port Tobacco, MD
 Worcester, MA 18th century recreation - Worcester, MA (In conjunction with JP Raymond Studios)

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(copyright TakeCommand, LLC)