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(copyright TakeCommand, LLC)
(copyright TakeCommand, LLC)


Want to see your home or business drawn as a piece of art?  You have come to the right place.  The above rendering is the Historic Allen Fieldhouse at The University of Kansas.  It was completed in roughly 50 hours and was done using Trimble SketchUp. A version of the software is available for download free from http://sketchup.google.com, enabling you to manipulate our files in any way you choose.

We can recreate almost any home or building.  Through field measurements, or with access to construction documents and detailed photographs, we can create beautiful works of art.  The following example is of the Parson Capen House in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  The image was created using measured drawings executed by the Historic American Buildings Survey.  The details are exacting, right down to the carved pendants and brackets.

We are also capable of creating fictional structures using historical styles.  These 3D models are perfect for Historical Societies in recreating 3D maps of what their towns might have looked like or for someone wanting to create an historic backdrop for almost any type of project.  The image below is of a fictional structure that was created using historical details from the Colonial and Federal Styles.

All photographs on this website and its pages are under a copyright by TakeCommand® and are not to be used by other individuals for personal gain without the authorization and consent of TakeCommand, LLC®.  Failure to do so may result in legal action taken against any individual or company that uses said items without prior authorization.  All photographs and images depicting University of Kansas specific buildings and sites are under license to TakeCommand, LLC® and may not be used without authorization.


Want to see your structure as art or Have a Vision for a New Home? 
My Grandfather once said, "When it came time to build my dream home, I didn't really know what I wanted." Don't find yourself in that predicament.

Describe your dream home to us or talk to us about an historic structure you are fond of and let us generate an original rendering. What we can do is draw almost any structure in any style you choose. These are not construction drawings, they do serve, however, as a clear communications tool so that you can get the look you want for the home (or office space) of your dreams or as a beautiful work of art for your home.  Once complete, we can play with paint colors, window designs, and interior layout so that you can get the "what you want" into an image that helps working with the builder.

Contact Us to convert your ideas, photographs, or blueprints to similar renderings for your project or for any work of art you would like.

TakeCommand® is currently offering artwork depicting a handful of historic buildings from The University of Kansas and from Lawrence & Fort Leavenworth Kansas and Lexington, Concord, Boston, and Topsfield Massachusetts. Visit our eBay site for available work.

List Of Past Art Projects.

  • University of Kansas artwork - Allen Fieldhouse (currently for sale in the Original Rules Gift Shop at The DeBruce Center), Fraser Hall, The Campanile, Military Science Building - Lawrence, KS
  • 1100 Tennessee Street, 603 Ohio Street, 1613 Tennessee Street, 1000 New York Street (artwork) - Lawrence, KS
  • Grant Hall, Auger Avenue Officers Quarters, The Rookery (artwork) - Fort Leavenworth, KS
  • Hancock-Clarke House, Buckman Tavern, Wright Tavern, Munroe Tavern (artwork) - Lexington & Concord, MA
  • Parson Capen House (artwork) - Topsfield, MA
  • Paul Revere House (artwork) - Boston, MA
  • Thomas Clark House (artwork) - Belmont, MA
  • Timber Creek Venue Building (Olive Event Catering) (artwork) - Kansas City, KS
  • Other works still in progress.  Stay tuned.

To recapture, preserve, recreate, and enhance our architectural heritage.